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900 S.E. 5th St, GAINESVILLE, FL 32601 | Phone: 352.371.3571 | Contact Us

Dark Walnut Modern Kitchen

Dark Walnut Modern Kitchen CabinetsCustom Kitchen Cabinets by Straw & Co. Gainesville Florida 900 S.E. 5th St, GAINESVILLE, FL 32601 | Phone: 352.371.3571 | Contact Us This another collaboration with Amanda Carreon of Jerome H. Davis Interiors and Atlantic Design Homes. First we worked together with Amanda in designing the kitchen, living room display and [...]

Black Limba and Solid Walnut

Black Limba and Walnut Custom BuffetCustom Kitchen Cabinets by Straw & Co. Gainesville Florida 900 S.E. 5th St, GAINESVILLE, FL 32601 | Phone: 352.371.3571 | Contact Us Book matched and centered Black Limba with walnut sculptural legs. Hand carved solid Cocobolo finger pulls. Solid maple dovetailed drawers and soft close drawer slides.
straw and co dec 2019

Company I Keep

I changed the name from Straw Woodwork to Straw and Company Fine Woodwork 2019. Changing the name is a way for me to be honest to the public and to the folks that work with me. Even though my name is attached to the business, the work, the service, the design, just about everything relies [...]
Straw & Co Woodwork Gainesville Florida 100% Solar Powered Shop!

The New Shop

We moved into our new shop a March 1st2018. We hobbled along for the first few weeks, but we are now moving full steam ahead with fancy new machines, workspace, and an actual showroom to show clients our work, all fairly big changes.   The old shop was located behind my house for the last [...]
Straw Woodwork Working the Art Show with Neil

Vulnerability and Responsibility

After over a year of planning we have officially begun building the new shop. I have assembled my team, the architect, the civil engineer, the plumber, the building fabricator, the list goes on and on. I have done my due diligence the best I can, the vetting is complete and now the hard part, to [...]
Straw Woodwork Breaking Ground

Breaking Ground

Breaking ground. A year and a half ago I got it into my head that our current shop, located about 50‘ from my back porch is not going to always fit us and our projects. There was also the storing completed kitchens and furniture in every room in my house (and up to the ceiling) [...]
A Wood Workers Suggested Reading

A Woodworker’s Suggested Reading

Books for Woodworker’s, During the first three years of my journey to become a woodworker I read every issue of Fine Woodworking magazine and every book on woodworking I could find. The following is a list of books that have been important in my development as a craftsman. I am happy to share it with [...]
Toolish Romance

Toolish Romance

When I first started to learn how to make furniture I was helpless. I knew how to use power tools from working on historic homes but I was completely ignorant beyond that. I came to learn that a, “jointer” for instance, is a machine with a long steel bed usually 6” or wider. It straightens [...]
Woodworking Persistence


I moved from Florida to Denver in 2007; I was following a girlfriend, a dream and an expectation of being a furniture-maker’s apprentice.  I found a guy named Ethan Hutchinson who was making fabulous chairs; he just happened to be losing his apprentice and needed a new one. Well, because I go all in and I take people on their word, [...]
Logical Impression Rendering Straw Woodwork

Logical Progression

In 2009 I came back to Gainesville from California. I just spent three years paying my craftsman’s dues; A year of apprenticeships and two years at the College of the Redwoods Fine Furniture School. I returned to a wrecked economy and a bunch of under employed friends, with excellent framing and construction skills. It was [...]
Straw Woodwork Beginning

So Here it Begins

Here starts my adventures in blogging and since the web sight is mostly about me and our work I will begin the blog off with an intro to some of the most important people in my life, the people I work with. Let me begin with Neil Lorenzini. Neil and I have worked with each [...]
Custom Wood Record Cabinets by Straw & Co

Custom Vinyl Record Cabinets

Vinyl collectors and audiophile enthusiasts appreciate sound like wine aficionados appreciate wine. Refinement is a slippery road, like the chasing of a high, audiophiles listen intently for the clarity of the mids or the visceral feeling of the bass. At my friend Ryan’s house, a professional audiologist and life long audiophile I got my first [...]