Custom Tables

Custom Made Modern Wood Tables

Custom Made Modern Wood Tables, designed, hand crafted, and delivered all over the USA. Solid Walnut to Exotic Veneers.

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Thin Metal Trapezoid Base and Walnut Top

Hand made furniture that we ship, blanket wrapped all over Florida and the USA. We design, and make one of a kind heirloom quality studio furniture of our design and to your specifications.

custom walnut table with thin metal base.
white upper cabinets modern wood lower cabients
custom trapezoind base walnut table

Live Edge Walnut Table

When I buy walnut slabs, I try to buy the entire tree. If you are shopping for a live edge table there is a strong chance I will have the material in stock. I am always on the look out for nice pieces of wood. This table is made from a book matched matching set of slabs. The base cantilevers to match the asymmetrical top.

Live Edge Walnut Table by Straw Woodwork Gainesville Florida
Live Edge Walnut Table by Straw Woodwork Gainesville Florida
Live Edge Walnut Table by Straw Woodwork Gainesville Florida

Round Walnut Table & Lazy Susan

Claro crotch walnut in a starburst pattern. The continuous grain of the walnut runs into the built in lazy susan. The base was custom welded and powder coated to match anodized aluminum. This table measure 7′ in width. Order your custom table today.

Round Walnut Table And Lazy Susan By Straw Woodwork Gainesville-Florida
Round Walnut Table And Lazy Susan By Straw Woodwork Gainesville-Florida
Round Walnut Table And Lazy Susan By Straw Woodwork Gainesville-Florida

Live edge Walnut Table

Please notice the three board table top, all from the same tree, in sequence. The solid walnut


Live Edge Farm House Table

This live edge farmhouse table actually resides on a farm. It is actually custom made…


Leather Top Writing Desk

Spinneybeck Leather, Brass inlay, and fine grain Black Walnut is always a good beginning….


Salvaged Heart Pine Farm House Trestle Table

Our client came to us with old growth Heart Pine salvaged from the waterway running though his family’s property. The ends of the logs were cut with an axe, typically dating the tree felling in the 1800’s.


Marbled Padauk Coffee Table with Drawers

Two push eject drawers, one each end. The grain is end matched and wraps around the table.


Cabriole Leg Heart Pine Writing Table

The cabriole leg in it’s traditional form has been done so many times that, what once was beautiful, is now boring. When I came back from France I was inspired….


Tracy Cypress Table

This table is similar to the Carr Table in shape and style. The wood both cypress and walnut. The figures both quarter sawn. The figure so completely unique. Neither table has a graphic I have ever seen before, art in, and of, itself.


Reclaimed Heart Pine Hall Table

Heart Pine reclaimed from dock pylons buried in the mud and underwater. Now living in Jacksonville displaying it’s owner’s fine objects.


Carr Swamp Cypress Dining Table

The Carr dining room table is made from old growth swamp cypress, salvaged from the swamps, ancient and beautiful. The design was loosely taken from the curves of my Brain Matter Carvings. The feet are Black Walnut, the water based finish clear poly.


Walnut Burl Dining Table

The very talented Architect Josh Shatkin invites clients to his home often and needed something to show his excellent taste and design sensibility. He also needed the table to be practical around the holidays when he entertains. We bounced ideas around and what he received was a Black Walnut dining table with two 18″ leaves. The border is quarter-sawn black Walnut and Swiss Pear Wood stringing.  The center of the table is 4-way book matched and sequenced Walnut Burl. The legs are solid Black Walnut.


Heart Pine Farm House Table

As Neil (my faithful employee) was having a root canal the dentist learned that he had his hands in a furniture makers mouth. Well one thing led to another and it was decided that Old growth Heart Pine salvaged from the St. Johns river over twenty years ago was the choice of wood for the table.  The leg stock was salvaged from a old train depot most recently the Gainesville DOJO. The client wanted a farmhouse table and since I have formal training in the use of hand tools, no sander touched the finishing of the table. Strictly hand planes and card scrapers, and of course mortise and tenon joinery. Hand rubbed oil finish.


Curly Long Leaf Pine Table

Our client wanted a table where the resources were only from salvaged material. I happen to have a nice stack of Curly Long Leaf Heart Pine, pulled from the rivers of Florida. The legs were reclaimed from a factory built up north from our southern heritage wood, The Long Leaf Pine. Straight grain stretchers and legs, curly figured top, satin finish.


Curly Cherry Table

Gainesville is a small world. The client walked a couple of blocks from her house for a tour of the shop and a show and tell of woods. A few weeks later we delivered this sweet little thing. A Curly Cherry Coffee Table with a book matched, curly figured, solid cherry table top, sculpted legs. Satin finish.


Heather Claro Walnut Dining Table

The Claro Walnut’s flat sawn graphic meanders continuously across the table. The legs and stretchers wind beautifully bringing life to the object. The dining table that has two optional 18” leaf extensions. The leaves are made to be able to hang on Walnut brackets for storage.


Walnut Dining Table

A fine example of a simple and accessible custom work. The client came to me with a request for a table and a book case/TV stand. What he got in return was a solid wood table and book case within his working class budget. Curved legs, double mortise and tenons, matching grain, an excellent finish and a source of pride that will last a long time. Custom USA made quality even within a modest budget is incomparable to mainstream factory furniture.


Sanchez Walnut Table

A writing table made from a live edge Black Walnut slab in the style of George Nakshima. The top’s graphic figure is attributed to it being taken from the crotch of the tree. The 2” solid slab end was dovetailed by hand saw, chisel and eye. I proudly display the joinery by allowing the tails and pins to subtly protrude. The front leg is sculpted by spoke shave and hand plane. It’s shape reminiscent of my anthropomorphic work.


River Recovered Cypress Parson’s Table

Salvaged from the rivers of Florida, ancient wood of beautiful color and figure. Borrowed from ancient China (16th-17th century), the three way parsons miter, elegant in it’s simplicity, incredible in it’s strength. The lines and graphics of the table wrap continuously, no abrupt stops. Very calm, very beautiful.


Black Walnut and Old Growth Redwood Burl Pedestal Table

To feel good about my work I want it to be alive. I want it to be beautiful, elegant and a bit eerie. Eerie in a way that it could possibly start walking. Elegant in the way of always wanting a little bit of attention but never demanding it. Beautiful in the way of always finding new or remembering the original details of why I love it in the first place, the lines, the color, the feel and the care that was taken in making it special. I feel really good about this piece.


Custom Cherry Coffee Table

A matched solid wood top and curved legs. A beautiful table for a generous family that let me into their home when I was much younger With Love, -jason


Afzelia and Maple Flower Table

Four tables in Afzelia and Maple. The marquetry technique is called Boulle Work, which was popularized in the 1600’s by Andre’ Boulle. There is a video of their making on our Youtube Page.


River Recovered Long Leaf Heart Pine McSherry Table

A kitchen work table made from river recovered long leaf heart pine. The top was made with a special figured curly river pine, very rare. The client wanted a table they could roll out dough for baking while friends and family could sit at the other side. The legs and stretchers have a smooth hand plane finish. This wood is so full of resin that using sandpaper is a fools game. I instead hone my spoke shave and block plane blades and slice the wood. The studio photos were lost so you get a cameo of yours truly in the shot.


River Recovered Cypress Writing Table

Hand Crafted Writing table I have a special collection of river reclaimed, old growth cypress. When some of my return clients were looking to commission a writing table they were instantly convinced that the piece I had been hiding away, was for them. And as you can see by the photos, they were right.


Walnut Katie Table

A commission made of un-steamed Black Walnut, the boards all from the same tree, sequential. The cambium removed from the table top to show the live edge. The stretchers follow the organic lines of the top, parallel. Sculpted curves and moving lines make beautiful legs.


Jarrah Hall Table

Hand Made Jarrah hall Table and Mirror Hall Tables are often situated at the point of entry to a home which is a great opportunity to impress with the decoration of parquetry, and burl. The Burl is book-matched giving interesting symmetry and spectacular figure. The border is inspired by 16th century french marquetry designers. The secret compartment is attached by a sliding dovetail underneath the table.


River Recovered Long Leaf Heart Pine Table

I have a unique collection or river recovered Long Leaf heart pine. I collect it directly from the retired diver that un-earthed it from its 100 year old sleep. This hand crafted table top is solid straight grain quarter sawn wood. The base, custom welded and powder coated, satin black


Black Walnut Sofa Table

A commission from a appreciative client. I was given dimensions and artistic license. Which happen to be my two favorite things. There is a short video of the making on my youtube channel linked below.


Florida Cherry Table

A commissioned coffee table in the style of George Nakashima’s work. Made from local florida cherry.


Black Walnut Conference Table

A custom made round walnut conference table. Flat sawn starburst center, pear stringing, quarter sawn border and a sculpted solid wood pedestal base. Made with un-steamed  Black Walnut veneer that we saw at the shop. There is a video of it’s making on our Youtube Page.


Black Walnut Writing Table

Custom Black Walnut writing table. The client gave me the go ahead to do what I want, a wonderful decision. Veneer for the table top was taken from a curly figure walnut log I recently bought. The log has a natural curve that I did not want to loose due to the typical edge straightening and glueing. So the outcome is a table top with not only curved edges but each joint in between also follows the natural curve. I’m trying to bring my work to life, straight lines have no place. The legs and stretchers are influenced from my previous work that has its’ roots in my fascination for Brian Newell’s work and his true genius. Custom fine furniture and modern kitchen cabinetry. Gainesville, Florida.


Black Walnut Table

Figured Black Walnut table top. Sculpted legs, matching grain, beautiful color and a durable satin finish. Order yours today.