Custom Kitchen Cabinets

Modern and Contemporary Custom Designed Kitchen Cabinets.

Custom Kitchen Cabinets by Straw & Co. Gainesville Florida.
Grain matched and sequenced real wood veneer, custom made to high standards. True artisan workmanship.

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Walnut and Ziricote Luxury Kitchen

Walnut and Ziricote wood veneers, grain matched from top to bottom and across the entire room. Walnut is a material quickly looked over by many, this walnut, you will find is especially delicious.

ziricote table
Wolf Coffee EC2450TE:S built in to walnut kitchen cabinets
Walnut grain matched wood veneer kitchen cabients florida

Ziricote Bar & Entertainment Room Cabinets

Horizontal grain matched Ziricote wood veneer was used for these bar/entertainment room cabinets. Ziricote would probably be considered one of the most exotic woods we use and is certainly on of our.. Read more..

grain matched exotic dark wood cabinets
mirrored wall custom exotic luxury modern custom cabinets florida
exotic wood grain matched horizontal cabinets

River Recovered Modern Cypress Kitchen

Backing up to the Guana River in Ponte Vedra Florida is an amazing home designed by dig Architecture.   Throughout the home the clients wanted to stay close to Florida (read more)…

modern exotic wood custom cabinets ponte vedra
modern exotic river cypress cabinets
ocala custom cabinet hidden pantry

Dark Walnut Custom Cabinets

A collaboration with Amanda Carreon of Jerome H. Davis Interiors and Atlantic Design Homes.We worked together with Amanda in designing the kitchen, living room display and the master bath cabinets. Read more…..

Walnut and Burl custom cabinets
custom pantry florida walnut
dark walnut custom modern cabinets

Quarter Sawn Red Elm Modern Cabinets

Quarter Sawn Red Elm Modern Cabinets, all grain matched and sequenced wood veneer, paneled flush inset appliances and a well thought out lighting plan is what you see here. It’s our standard procedure, please enquire when you would like our help.

wolf speed oven and modern kitchen
contemporary modern kitchn design
modern red elm kitchen

Walnut and Matte White Mid-Century Custom Designed Kitchen

A Florida ranch house can easily go mid century modern with some minor tweaks, like our cabinetry. We used a matte white German made acrylic panel for the upper cabinets and a flat sawn walnut, grain matched and sequenced for the remaining cabinetry.

Walnut modern cabinets custom made in florida
Walnut and apron sink modern contemporary kitchn cabinet maker
custommade modern cabients in florida

Contemporary Fumed White Oak Kitchen

Our clients have discerning and exacting tastes and a brindle color pallet. Of course we have the materials to fit them perfectly.

modern contemporary florida design
wolf sub-zero paneled modern kitchen cabinets florida
made in the usa sustainable modern cabinets

Modern Fumed Eucalyptus Kitchen

Located just off the beach in Ponte Vedra Florida is a contemporary modern home designed by dig Architecture, reminiscent in style of the famous Paul Rudolph designed home located near by.

fumed eucalyptus custom modern cabinets
Modern contemporary Ponte Vedra designed cabinets
DIGG Architecture jacksonville modern cabinets

White Washed and Wire Brushed White Oak
Kitchen Cabinets

This White Oak cabinetry was wire brushed to open the pores, the pores were filled with white. All parts were then sanded back only leaving the white pores,  we then white washed the oak, after that came the clear coats.

thepeninsulaofjacksonville cabinets
modern details white oak shaker framed
KMH Desinged cabinets Jacksonville

Modern Shaker Slim Frame White Oak Cabinets

Our minimal frame white oak shaker cabinets can not be confused with the factory made. Our rift sawn white oak panels are grain matched and sequenced for balance,….

custom white oak kitchen
moden minimalshaker frame cabinets
modern shaker kitchen cabinets

Matte Black and Grain Matched White Oak Modern Kitchen Cabinets

Matte Black Acrylic panels, with folded edges leave no joints giving a completely seamless edge. The white oak  is wire brushed to open up the pores and then..

modern custom white oak cabinets
custom white oak modern cabinets florida
Custom made white oak modern cabinets

Black Richlite Modern Cabinets

It’s always exciting when clients come to me with ideas that I already want to do. A perfect match you could say. Richlite & river recovered old growth cypress facade’. the end panels, doors and drawers are all typical 3/4″ thick. We used 1/2″ Richlite for the counters and did small 1/8″ chamfers on their edges to differentiate. The floating shelves and the open cabinet are lit with LED’s. Super classy for super classy people.

Gainesville Florida Richlite Custom Cabinets Straw Custom Woodwork
Gainesville Florida Richlite Custom Cabinets Straw Custom Woodwork
Gainesville Florida Richlite Custom Cabinets Straw Custom Woodwork

White Oak Custom Contemporary Kitchen

Looking at our work up close, it changes the reference of what you think quality is. Well thought out, well built, well executed craftsmanship. Straw & Co Custom Woodwork Gainesville Florida

White Oak Modern Kitchen Gainesville Florida Straw Custom Woodwork
White Oak Modern Kitchen Gainesville Florida Straw Custom Woodwork
White Oak Modern Kitchen Gainesville Florida Straw Custom Woodwork

Teak Modern Kitchen Cabinets

Quarter Sawn Teak, Horizontal Grain, Balanced matched Veneer, push to eject (Tip-On) drawer hardware. Under-mount LED in aluminum channel flush with the bottom of the floating shelves.

Architect: Joyce Owens


Mid-Century Retro Kitchen

So when we meet a client that wants to go full mid-century retro we get pretty excited. This modern home was designed by architect Bradley Walters who has a keen eye for detail, which we very much appreciate.

Mid Century Retro Custom Kitchen Gainesville Florida Straw Custom Wood Work
Mid Century Retro Custom Kitchen Gainesville Florida Straw Custom Wood Work
Mid Century Retro Custom Kitchen Gainesville Florida Straw Custom Wood Work

Contemporary Modern Teak and High Gloss White Custom Cabinets

High ceilings give us a unique decorative opportunity to do some nice grain wrapping and provide an additional level of lighting on an exact layout. All of the Wolf/Subzero Appliances are inset flush and the refrigerator is paneled and grain matched.

Designer: Kail Partners

modern kitchen design florida
florida best cabient maker
florida modern cabinet maker

Retro Modern curved-front Teak Cabinets

This home is a very iconic modern home, butterfly roof, the works. The clients were very intent on keeping with the original style but wanted to give the home it’s well deserved modern update. Great ideas, great home and great clients, you add us into the mix and this is what you get.

best teak cabinets
modern teak custom design
round radius custom kitchen cabinets

Walnut Custom Modern Kitchen Cabinets

Our client was very specific about some of her needs, no hardware, just notches, and a dark walnut that is flat sawn (swirly graphic) running horizontally.


Custom Modern Kitchen Cabinets in Haile FL

This Custom Kitchen in Haile Florida is made using fumed white oak, High gloss acrylic and Black Limba.  All appliances are are flush inset, all veneer is matched and sequenced, techniques that we pride ourselves on.

Modern Oak & High Gloss Kitchen Cabinets - Modern Transitional - Straw Woodwork Gainesville Florida
Modern Oak & High Gloss Kitchen Cabinets - Modern Transitional - Straw Woodwork Gainesville Florida
Modern Oak & High Gloss Kitchen Cabinets - Modern Transitional - Straw Woodwork Gainesville Florida

East Indian Rosewood Contemporary Custom Cabinets

East Indian Rosewood running horizontally with matching quarter sawn (stripey) grain, High Gloss white acrylic cabinet panels and white satin glass. Nice, nice and nice.

Designed by Kail Partners


Modern Walnut and High Gloss Kitchen Cabinets

Straight grain walnut, sequenced and end matched. High gloss white acrylic uppers. High ceilings have presented a design challenge to others. We at Straw and Co have a great solution. We build a beautiful wood soffit, that not only frames the rest of the kitchen but also offers an opportunity to place lights right above the counter. Our custom made soffits add a sophistication rarely seen in design magazines.

Modern kitchen island
walnut and high gloss kitchen
HIgh GLoss white cabients

Macassar Ebony Custom Kitchen Cabinets Florida

This home was designed and lived in by the original Dean of Architecture at UF. The clients were especially sensitive to restoring the home to its original intended state, however the kitchen was a mess…

Macassar Ebony Custom Kitchen Shelf Gainesville Florida Straw Custom Wood Work
Macassar Ebony Quarter Sawn Gainesville Florida Straw Custom Wood Work
Exotic Wood Kitchen Gainesville Florida Straw Custom Wood Work

Modern Zebrano Custom Office Cabinets

Custom designed to fit our clients needs, of course. A place for a paper shredder, file cabinets, writing utensils, under mount LED lights on the floating shelves.
The wood used is Zebrano, also known as Zebra wood. What is significant here is that typical quarter sawn Zebrano has very straight lines. This Zebrano is curly figured, these lines are much more interesting. I received a phone call a couple of years ago by an architectural millwork company that was closing it’s doors and had been sitting on this veneer for almost 20 years.. I bought it all.. I haven’t seen it anywhere else.

Custom Walnut Mid-Century Kitchen, Tracy Style

The work we do lends itself to modern and to the people that appreciate modern. Our clients often come with their own tastes and styles. With each project we try new things using new ideas and make new friends.

Mid-century Wlnut Custom Kitchen Cabinets - Gainesville Florida Straw & Co Custom Wood Work
Mid-century Wlnut Custom Kitchen Cabinets - Gainesville Florida Straw & Co Custom Wood Work
Mid-century Wlnut Custom Kitchen Cabinets - Gainesville Florida Straw & Co Custom Wood Work

Zebrawood Contemporary Kitchen Cabinets

Meet our showroom cabinets. Please come to the shop and take a tour of our typical fit and finish. You are invited to poke, prod and inspect these curly figured zebra wood cabinets. These cabinets are typical of our work, matching grain, FSC certified plywood construction,water based finish, thick edge banding, cared for details in build, finish, and install. I ask visitors to run their hands along the edges and corners and get a feel for our work, it’s comfortable to use and touch, typical for us and often rare to find in others.


Red Elm Grain Matched Cabinets

Similar grain structure as White Oak with more warmth, it’s more unique and under less deforestation pressure.

modern detail high end cabinets
modern contemporary red elm cabinets
Red elm modern bookcase

Modern Tamo Kitchen Cabinets

Tamo wood cabinets, Richlite counter tops, thoughtfully designed, meticulously installed. Real quality, real custom, and really nice..


East Indian Rosewood Contemporary Custom Cabinets

During the peak Mid-Century period the most popular woods were, Walnut, Teak and Rosewood. We decided on East Indian Rosewood for this custom media room. The cabinets under the TV are custom made to hold a collection of vintage 10″ records


Tamo Custom Kitchen Cabinets

Tamo, also known as Japanese Ash was the obvious choice for our client. We found slices of this veneer over 24″ wide, so we bought all of it. We have more of their wood left so this kitchen can be yours! Please enquire.


Fumed Curly Eucalyptus Modern Custom Kitchen Cabinets

I first began restoring historic cracker and shot-gun houses similar to the style found in New Orleans in the late 90’s. We would salvage little bits of detail and often replicate it in often weird and creative ways to tie the new renovation back together with the old. This remodel is a fun reminder that in a mid century home you can look around and maybe you’ll find a gold chandelier that at first, seems like it should go the way of burgundy shag carpet, but in fact, it’s an oppurtunity to bring the old into the contemporary. My cleint certainly has a keen eye and great taste and it was a pleasure to work with her vision.


Figured Eucalyptus Bar Cabinets

Figured Fumed Eucalyptus is a material we have worked with several times over the years. A dark sophisticated wood with a lot of depth. At a glance it’s nice, but with inspection, it’s marvelous.

A proud collaboration with Amanda Carreon of Jerome H. Davis Interiors.

luxury dark wood custom modern transitional cabinets
luxury custom wood modern designer cabinets
Luxury curved transitional modern cabinets

Teak Custom Kitchen Cabinets

As soon as our clients saw our sample of the straight grain quarter sawn Teak the decision was pretty easy. They have a mid century furniture aesthetic and good taste = a no brainer.


Zebrawood Custom Kitchen Cabinets

A nice galley kitchen of Zebrano ( also known as Zebrawood) with the grain running horizontally. White solid surface counter top and tile work also installed by us, because Patrick like’s to work weekends especially when his wife wants her kitchen back.


Quarter Sawn Paldao Contemporary Kitchen Cabinets

Quarter Sawn Paldao modern kitchen cabinets.


Maple Flatpanel Custom Kitchen Cabinets

Our Maple flat panel cabinetry is a great way to have the contemporary look, achieve excellent durability and quality, and we do it affordably. The boxes, drawers and hardware are the same as we use on all of our custom builds but what cuts costs is the facade. We use an epoxy acrylic pre-finished domestic maple plywood that we edge with with solid maple. The finishing and veneering is eliminated saving us a lot of time and you, a handsome amount of money.


Marks Claro Walnut Custom Kitchen Cabinets

This kitchen had a pretty bad design and was in worse shape. It’s amazing what we learn not to do when we see an old kitchen, or sometimes new kitchens for that matter. The client has a very keen design sensibility and it was a really great experience working with him. He had lots of design opinions, specific needs, and Harold and Maude quotes that made the job a lot of fun and very interesting. These, like all of our cabinets are made using domestic, no added formaldehyde FSC certified sheet goods. All of our Blum drawer rollers are made in the USA as well.


Heart Pine Custom Kitchen Cabinets

This custom kitchen is a contemporary take on a traditional style. We have grain matched solid wood running horizontally  across the lower cabinets. The upper cabinets are traditional shaker profile frame and panel with glass doors above. All of the drawers open with Blum Tip-On Hardware. The heart pine was salvaged from downtown Gainesville historic homes that were torn down to provide real estate for a new development. The boards were de-nailed and re-sawn. The rusty nail holes are still present.


Retro Vintage Custom Kitchen Cabinets

Custom Retro Kitchen Cabinets, Florida
Painted flat panel custom kitchen cabinets to mimic the style of old metal cabinets that I still find in houses. Aluminum edging wraps around the vintage edition boomerang Formica. We also placed aluminum edging on the top of the back splash and custom cut the aluminum for the valance to play off the boomerang theme, also found on the pulls. The sink is under mount, a wonderful touch not typically found with laminate counters. The backsplash is a glass subway tile, turned 45 degrees, laid in a box weave pattern, subtly picking up on the boomerang theme. The floor is Marmoleum, the precursor to linoleum. Marmoleum is made of linseed oil and jute fibers. The restored range is vintage.
The client is a recovering journalist who wrote in her blog about the experience.