Custom Made Modern Wood Furniture

Custom Made Modern Wood Furniture

Custom Made Modern Wood Furniture, designed, and built by trained artisans. We deliver all over the USA.

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Kathryn's End Tables

The Marquetry flows through to the stretchers and then the motif is repeated in the pierced carving on the shelf below.  All Marquetry, shaping and carving is done by hand, eye and blade.

modern carved custom furniture
custom furniture maker florida
hand carved furniture

Custom Kitchen Cabinets

When it’s important to find pleasure in your work please consider inquiring about having a custom desk made. We used a naturally tanned Eco-Pell Leather made in Germany … read more..

brass inlat and walnut custom florida furniture
leather top and burl walnut desk.
leather top custom desk

Black Limba and Black Walnut Buffet

Hand made furniture that we ship, blanket wrapped all over Florida and the USA. We design, and make one of a kind heirloom quality studio furniture of our design and to your specifications.

Black Limba and Black Walnut sculptural furniture
FIne furniture maker in Florida
Matched Grain and modern designed custom furniture

Black Walnut Contemporary Custom Office Cabinets

Our client was finishing up the build of his new custom home and invited me for a tour. He was interested in something special for his home office. Looking around at the styles of his home and learning a bit about his tastes I had an idea that i thought he may be interested in. A couple of weeks later he stopped by the shop for finished samples and a 3D rendering of what I had in mind. He agreed to the proposal and gave us artistic license to make changes as the project would evolve.

The large drawers hold his folders, the counter tops are richlite, the wood is quarter-sawn Black Walnut, the panels are book matched Walnut Burl. The custom made pulls are cocobolo, held in their mortise with brass screws. The leather top desk also goes in his office.



Custom Tamo Wood Desk

Cabriole legs and Tamo go together so nicely. When I went to France a few years ago


Walnut Buffet Cabinet

I really enjoy making buffet cabinets. There is a traditional formality to them yet I get to do a little sculptural touch to their legs. Best of both worlds really.


Cocobolo and Walnut Drawers

Solid walnut legs and 4 way book matched walnut burl with a hand rubbed oil finish. The pulls are hand carved cocobolo held in their mortises with brass screws.
Super nice..

Cocobolo and Walnut Drawers
Cocobolo and Walnut Drawers
Cocobolo and Walnut Drawers

Live Edge Walnut Bench

A solid Walnut bench with organic live edges. The tapered ends are held together by traditional joinery methods; dovetails, mortises and tenons. The dovetails are cut at a 5 degree angle by hand.



Black Cypress Floating Nightstands

Custom matching nightstands made from our very special Black Cypress. The sawyer that I buy all my river recovered old growth cypress from tells me that the really dark cypress that I am always asking for is only found in 1% of the logs he finds and only on the outside edge.


Marbled Padauk Media Cabinet

A custom cabinet of Marbled Padauk to hold entertainment electronics. Three push eject drawers. Matching and wrapping grain.


Ziricote Boulle Work Marquetry Media Cabinet

Custom work is only a phone call away for a fellow woodworker turned client. Rob found us searching through images of his favorite wood Ziricote and reached out.


Curly Ash Shelving

Feathered Heartwood and curly quarter sawn grain. Solid fiddleback ash face frames.

 We craft custom furniture and contemporary cabinetry, serving all of florida


Leather Top Walnut Burl Desk

Naturally tanned leather, brass inlay and solid quarter sawn walnut make a handsome combination for the book matched burl panels. The brass decorative element reoccurs in the screws that fasten the hand made cocobolo pulls. The standing desk has long sculptural legs giving us plenty of room to add some nice curves to such a formal aesthetic.



Black Walnut Burl Music Cabinet

Our client specified the size and use and we took it from there. The cabinet is made with book matched walnut burl, the legs, solid Black walnut. The cabinet pulls custom made from Cocobolo and sized according to their use. The interior is Swiss Pear wood. We make the brass knife hinges in the shop.



Krenovian Cabinet

I made this piece in homage of James Krenov, who’s writings and work gave me the direction and the encouragement to pursue woodworking as an art. I was luckily accepted to the College Of the Redwoods Fine Woodworking Program where I spent 2 years.   The piece plays off many of my favorite works of Krenov while not losing any of my own voice. I hope he would approve. Kwila, Camphor, and Cocobolo pulls Measuerments: 48 1/2 “ x 28” x 13”



Black Limba Record Cabinet

Every vinyl owner needs a proper place to protect their investment and display their components. The cabinet is made of marbled Black Limba. The base is solid Black Walnut. The solid maple dovetail drawers open with Blum’s tip-on (push eject) hardware. The width is 62”, the height is 34” and the depth is 21”.


Blanker wrapped white glove, door to door shipping is typically $500

Custom Wood Record Cabinets by Straw & Co

Walnut Lounge Chair

Straight grain quarter sawn veneer quality Black Walnut, double mortise and tennon joinery, solid wood construction, water based clear finish, clean lines and a comfortable sit makes for a very nice chair. This chair is part of my line of hand crafted and affordable living room furniture.


Curly Ash and Olive Burl Shelves

A well lit room, a place needed for beautiful objects and trust built on prior commissions was the starting point for this project. The instrument quality Fiddleback Ash  was a rare find for my supplier, “one in a thousand boards” he says.  The Olive Ash burl cabinet brings an intense graphic and visual weight to the staggered shelving unit. The Straight grain of the face frames runs uninterrupted through the mitered corners and the Bird’s Beak Joinery.



Live Edge Cypress Door

Our clients wanted something special and artful for their pantry door. So the next time I went to my specialty sawyers lumber yard I happened to stumble on a set of matching river recovered old growth cypress live edge slabs. After some careful joining and planing I was able to attach these two curves seamlessly.



Marbled Padauk Console

Marbling graphic is very rare and even more so in Padauk. The day my veneer dealer advertised these pieces as available, I bought them all. Within a couple of hours a client called me to add an additional piece to her collection. Sometimes things just work out that way.



Ziricote Record Cabinet

This 10 drawer record cabinet holds approximately 1,000 Vinyl L.P.‘s. The dovetailed solid maple drawers slide on Made In The USA Blum Tip-On hardware. With a little push the drawer springs forward. Ziricote wood Satin polish finish



Incunabula Cabinet

In·cu·nab·u·la — 1. The initial stages or earliest traces of anything. 2. A work of art or of industry of an early period. Incunabula marks a new beginning of seeing forms through a lens that began developing as I completed the years spent at the College of the Redwoods. This piece was inspired by the forms and technical knowledge that I have experienced thanks to my mentor Brian Newell. The cabinet’s carcass are made with compound curved panels, splined together. The brass knife hinges are custom made as well. Measurements: 38″ x 29″ x 16″ Finish: Wax on the exterior and French Polish Interior



Nazanin Claro Walnut Cabinet

The client had a special place in her home that she wanted to put her special objects. I was holding on to a special piece of Claro walnut crotch wood that I figured would do the trick. The pulls are made in the shop of Cocobolo, the brass screws are always so handsome in dark woods.



Incunabula Dresser

This piece represents my continued efforts to build upon the skills and aesthetic I learned from my mentor, Brian Newell. 108 pillowed panels were made from old growth recovered swamp cypress. The legs and the edge of the top are also swamp cypress, and their color indicates the specific swamp they were unearthed from. The drawers eject with a firm push. Finish: OSMO Natural Oil


Narrah Wall Cabinet

Narra is such an electric wood for the back panel the obvious choice while being out in California was to use Curly Western Maple. The woods being packed with aesthetic energy made putting in concave and convex curves a requisite. The front of the cabinet is serpentine and the sides curve in and the other out to compliment the door. There is a discrete keyed lock to keep the precious objects away from insensitive hands. Measurements: 28” x 18” x 8” Finish: Shellac



Sculptural, functional, beautiful, affordable. Every lamp has it’s own individual voice, illuminated translucent wood. Cloth braided cord is made in Massachusetts, the switch, Italy. Traditional mortise, tennon and bridle joinery construction, made in the USA. A fine addition to any home.

Price $400


Narra Jewelry Box

Kwila box, Narra panel and tray, Cocobolo handle The tails and pins protruding embellish the joinery and the humanity of cutting this style of joint by hand and eye. Sometimes very special things come small in size. Measurements: 5” x 13 1/2” x 9” Finish: Shellac


River Recovered Cypress and Black Walnut Live Edge Dresser

River recovered cypress and Black walnut live edges. Maple dovetailed drawers, soft close hardware. The legs were Eve’s request, she let me have the rest to do what I like.


Custom Entry Doors

Custom Entry Doors can be made to any size with the species of your choice. The photos include old growth River recovered Heart Pine and Cypress of Quarter sawn and Flat sawn cuts. The panels in the heart pine door are figured with the curly graphic, very rare. The single light doors are made from old growth swamp recovered cypress.

Entry doors in this country are tasteless. We do so many things to our houses in an effort for them to represent our tastes but the front door, the portal to the home, is the same as every other door in the country. A fine custom entry door sets the tone. It reminds the occupants that they live in a special place that is their’s alone.


Sun Burst Cabinet and Mirror

Bowed front and sides, matching stop sawn veneer that align with the sunburst parquetry top reoccur in the beveled mirror’s frame. I made the brass pulls to play off the slenderness and straightness of the grain. The Italian lockset keeps the dovetailed secret box hidden away deep inside. Measurements: 32” x 26” x 13” Afzelia (Doussie) and Hard Maple


Greenwood Ladderback Chairs

These chairs have a evolutionary history dating back to the 17th century. They are constructed by first splitting the wood from logs while they are freshly fallen usually salvaged from tree trimming companies. The wood is rived and roughly dimensioned using a drawknife and the back legs steam bent. The wood is then dried in a small kiln with the final shaping and fitting done with a drawknife and spoke shave. The refined hand-tool marks are not sanded but left as marks of pride of the maker. Chair Measurements: 32” x 15” x 16” Bench Measurements: 15” x 32” x 16” Finish: Oil

Price $600 each


Visingo Malmsten Chairs

These chairs were built from the plans by the prolific Swedish designer Carl Malmsten who started two schools in Sweden where he taught the importance of, “hand and mind in vital collaboration”. His philosophies were handed down to James Krenov during his time studying in Sweden and were handed down to me at the College of the Redwoods, the school James Krenov founded. Measurements: 32” x 15” x 16”


She Devil Cocobolo

The contrast and the curves between the sapwood and red and black heartwood in a tiny piece of Cocobolo needed to be book-matched, framed and displayed. Sometimes minimal symmetry speaks a thousand words. Finish: French Polish Measurements: 24” x 31/2” x 1/2”


Yellow Pine Coffin

This has to be one of the strangest and proudest objects that have come out of the shop to date. We built this simple pine box to decompose in the ground with it’s passenger. The newest thing in burial is the oldest thing, to let people rest and go away. It is a flattering job full of introspection and duty, I strangely look forward to doing it again.


Black Walnut Bench

The Black Walnut Bench was made for the Carr table. The lines and color mimic the table’s however the curves and veneer work are it’s own. Please notice the four way book match on the top and the base. The curling figure star bursts away from the center, the grain follows the curves of the base.

Price $1,800


Tom’s Cypress Cabinet – Student Work

Tom began taking my woodworking projects class over a year ago. Since then he has completed increasingly ambitious and beautiful pieces.


BJ’s Salvaged Cyprus Farmhouse Table – Student Work

BJ and his friend Matt, took a class from me over a long weekend. He salvaged the cypress out of a old house being torn down of Main St., behind the post office. The farm house table has large tapered legs, and a thick solid wood top. The joinery is mortise and tenon.


Kathryn’s Jewelry Box – Student Work

This is Kathryn’s 3rd class project. She has been taking a one weekend a month class from me for a couple of years now. She has a fine eye for detail, excellent taste and is a pleasure to work with. The black walnut jewelry box is held together with hand cut dovetails. The lid’s panel and pull, legs, and jewelry partitions are all Madrone.

Price $3,000


Kathryn's Walnut Table

Over the course of several weekend classes my student was able to make a beautiful solid walnut table. The top is pear wood.


River Recovered Old Growth Pecky Cypress Barn Door

We have made several custom pecky cypress barn doors in the last few years. This one has a special feel to it, it’s kinda creepy.


Z Chair inspired by Poul Jensen for Selig

Inspired by Poul Jensen’s for Selig Z Chair, Mid Century Modern in it’s styling and geometry. I have made several improvements and modifications from the original Poul Jensen Selig Z Chairs. We use only select Black Walnut heart wood for the frames. Each piece of black walnut is chosen for its color and grain quality. The chairs are more works of art than factory-assembled furniture; they are individually-produced. All joints use traditional single or double mortis and tenon joinery, we use only formaldehyde-free glue. Meticulously hand crafted, traditional double mortise and tenon joinery. Carved reliefs add a texture, a hand tool personalization not capable by machine or the unpracticed. The leather, vegetable tanned, completely natural and of the finest quality by Ecopell Gmbh. The zipper, Brass, made in the USA by Lenzip.
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