So Here it Begins

Straw Woodwork Beginning

Here starts my adventures in blogging and since the web sight is mostly about me and our work I will begin the blog off with an intro to some of the most important people in my life, the people I work with.

Let me begin with Neil Lorenzini. Neil and I have worked with each other for about 11 years now. He is my best friend, my brother and my mother all wrapped up in one. I’m often burning the wick on both ends late into the night writing proposals, working on estimates and planning our next work day.  Neil has gotten into the habit of arriving at my house 15 minutes before our day begins to rouse me. He will often wake me up by clinking the skillet on the cast iron grates of the stove and preparing my breakfast and boiling water for our daily dose of caffeine. He is instrumental in keeping the jobs organized, and has developed a keen eye for quality, detail and composition.  He has the ability to learn everything I show him and is given the freedom to make improvements he finds necessary. Neil and I make up the StrawZini brothers, a ridiculous duo.  We’ve made youtube videos of his Kung Fu fighting (Shop Tour) with my politically incorrect Kung Fu Santa and danced half naked on scaffolding together (Safety Video).

The newest addition to the crew is Patrick Rogan. Patrick spent eight years of his life as a ballerino (ballet dancer), went to a prestigious music conservatory school for trumpet and got a bachelors degree in geology. Patrick was also Mr. November for the Ark School of Fitness 2014 calendar. With those qualifications I hired him instantly. He learns fast, appreciates details, the work , the art, and like Neil and I, is constantly learning and improving. The three of us make up the StRoZini Brothers an even more ridiculous trio. As soon as we have time we’ll be making a youtube video full of Kung Fu fighting and ballet dancing.