Breaking Ground

Straw Woodwork Breaking Ground

Breaking ground.

A year and a half ago I got it into my head that our current shop, located about 50‘ from my back porch is not going to always fit us and our projects. There was also the storing completed kitchens and furniture in every room in my house (and up to the ceiling) getting old as well. So I set out to find a commercial property and luckily I found a vacant lot right near the up and coming Depot Park that would make the new commute bearable.

In the last 18 months, I was lucky enough to find Gainesville architect Joshua Shatkin who has been instrumental in working with the city’s planning and building department getting our plans approved. Josh’s guidance, professionalism and ability to communicate throughout the entire process has taken a lot of weight off my shoulders. I was able to acquire two loans, sold some of my vacant properties, I normally work 60 hour weeks (today is my first day off in a month) and as of August 26th, submitted the construction permit application. We are on track to begin clearing the property by the end of September. I have no idea when to expect completion.

As soon as the initial planning began with the shop it was apparent to Neil, Patrick and myself that we would begin breaking ground in ways of our own. Our responsibilities and job duties were all about to change. I am the general contractor for the shop responsible for it’s design, planning, and financing. I am also designing the furniture and kitchen jobs as well. I spend a considerable amount of time working with clients securing jobs, I’m also running back and forth in between the shop and office all day helping Neil. Neil, (seen in the Kung Fu classic Shop Tour) has been managing most of the cabinet and shop work. His system of organization, an algorithm of hand written spread sheets and short hand notes has the shop running like a well oiled machine. Patrick Rogan (recently married), began dedicating himself to the craft 2 1/2 years ago with no prior experience. Currently, he and I handle most of the installs together, he manages the floor refinishing jobs with a helper and fixes everything mechanical and electrical that breaks. When he is in between flooring jobs and misc. maintenance projects we are happy to have him back in the shop tuning our projects with his obsessive eye for detail.

I am trying my best to use the Instagram to keep the content on the front page current and fresh. You can look forward on seeing shop construction photos and hopefully some dance videos as well.