Custom Vinyl Record Cabinets

Custom Wood Record Cabinets by Straw & Co

Vinyl collectors and audiophile enthusiasts appreciate sound like wine aficionados appreciate wine. Refinement is a slippery road, like the chasing of a high, audiophiles listen intently for the clarity of the mids or the visceral feeling of the bass.

At my friend Ryan’s house, a professional audiologist and life long audiophile I got my first taste of vinyl played through a vintage analog tube amp. It was, to say the least, a recognizable quality that I had never experienced before.

Now I am traveling down that slippery road once again, a vinyl collector for years but now amplified by the vintage analog tube amp of the 60’s.

So I’ve decided to do my part for the audiophiles, the collectors of quality, the aficionados of sound, and the chasers of refinement.  I present the beginning of a long line of custom record cabinets of recognizable quality and refinement.