Custom Modern Bathroom Vanities

Custom Modern Bathroom Vanities

Custom Hand Crafted Modern Bathroom Vanities by Straw & Co. Gainesville Florida

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Old Growth Cypress Floating Vanity

Backing up to the Guana River in Ponte Vedra Florida is an amazing home designed by dig Architecture.   Throughout the home the clients wanted to stay close to Florida in their design so they chose … read more.

spa floating vanity
modern spa like ocala vanity
modern spa like ocala vanity

Mozambique Vanities and Wardrobe

Tucked away on an Ocala horse farm is a marvelous mid century modern home that after an extensive renovation is an amazing example of 60’s meets contemporary… Read more.

mozambiquw and concrete counter modern florida
mozambique modern florida woodwork
mozambique wood custom medicine cabinet

Fumed Larch Modern Vanity and Millwork

A collaboration with Amanda Carreon of Jerome H. Davis Interiors and Atlantic Design Homes. We worked together with Amanda in designing the kitchen, living room display and the master bath cabinets.  Jobs of this quality take a lot of people that really care about the outcome of their work and treat workmanship as it should be, as art.

concrete sink and floating vanity
designer tot toilet
florida deisgner bathroom vanity

Greyed Bird's Eye Maple

We have access to hundreds of different veneer, some rare, and some like this, specially treated to give a unique effect.

custom grey birds eye vanity
modern grey wood cabinet
modern contemporary grey vanity cabinet

River Recovered Cypress Vanity and Closet

River recovered old growth cypress wood veneer. All the grain sequenced and matched. please study the details of this beautiful bathroom cabinetry.

grain matched wood modern cabinet
cypress contemporary modern cabinets
backlit mirror modern woodworker

Reeded and Greyed White Oak Vanity

Solid rift sawn white oak, reeded, greyed, delivered and installed.

reeded grey oak cabinets
reeded white oak furniture
reeded modern KMH design

Walnut Vanity with Slim Beveled Frames

Hand made furniture that we ship, blanket wrapped all over Florida and the USA. We design, and make one of a kind heirloom quality studio furniture of our design and to your specifications.

KMH design Jacksonville custom modern cabinets
penninsula jacksonville custom cabinets
beveled edge walnut cabinet

Paldao veneer, horizontal grain direction, no pulls, super modern. Please notice the way the grain wraps from the front around the edge to the sides. This is an example of thoughtful workmanship, our standard.

custom modern vanity
modern master bath horizontal grain
Paldao custom vanity #strawwoodwork #keepingitreal

Rosewood Floating Vanity

Please notice how the grain wraps around the front to the sides of the cabinet. We have a nice collection of Rosewood Veneer, please enquire about using some for your project.

exotci wood cabinets
rosewood vanity cabient.custom
rosewood vanity modern

Olive Burl Custom Cabinets

Our clients requested something spectacular, when they saw the Olive Burl, they knew right away. We also designed, fabricated and installed the aluminum powder coated shelving unit.

Olive Burl custom cabinets
modern olive burl cabinetry
Best modern cabinet maker in florida

Greyed Oak Cabinets with Slim Frame

Wire brushed to open up the pores, with a slim 1/2 round frame  shows off our shops talents and patience.

custom oak cabinets
custom framed modern jacksonville cabinets
custom oak cabinets

Leather and Brass Vanity

We used  a fine German vegetable tanned leather and lead free brass to cover this vanity cabinet. The 1/8″ thick brass edging screw over top of the leather.

Leather and brass cabinets
Leather and brass vanity
Brass and Leather Vanity

Cypress Modern Vanity

River recovered Cypress w/ 100 growth rings per inch! Floating shelf and matching mirror. The front panel comes off to expose the plumbing, open cabinet near the toilet.

Custom Cypress Modern Vanity Gainesville Florida Straw Custom Wood Work
Custom Cypress Modern Vanity Gainesville Florida Straw Custom Wood Work
Custom Cypress Modern Vanity Gainesville Florida Straw Custom Wood Work

Ebony (reconstituted) Vanity

It’s got all the ebony flavor without getting blood and deforestation on your hands. A win win for everyone, and the planet.

Custom Ebony Vanity Gainesville Florida Straw Custom Wood Work
Custom Ebony Vanity Gainesville Florida Straw Custom Wood Work
Custom Ebony Vanity Gainesville Florida Straw Custom Wood Work

Salvaged Cypress Modern Vanity with Concrete Sink

We have a nice stash of river recovered old growth cypress that I have collected over the years. Let me be clear, I am not a hoarder. Only the finest craziest material is of interest. Concrete counters and integrated sinks are a nice option for that modern custom look. You too can have objects of pride, give us a call.

Custom Designed Vanity with Concrete Sink - Gainesville Florida Straw Custom Woodwork
Custom Designed Vanity with Concrete Sink - Gainesville Florida Straw Custom Woodwork
Custom Designed Vanity with Concrete Sink - Gainesville Florida Straw Custom Woodwork

Custom Hail Vanity & Bathroom Cabinets

Please consider custom cabinetry for your next remodel. These bathroom vanity cabinets are located in Haile Florida. It’s a great example of well thought out design. Each vanity has a trash can drawer, and a 120 v outlet installed in the back of the drawer to run a hair dryer or charge a razor. We also built mirror frames to match the cabinetry. Simple, sleek, modern & elegant, all in one.

Custom Real Wood Bathroom Cabinets Gainesville Florida Straw Custom Woodwork
Custom Real Wood Bathroom Cabinets Gainesville Florida Straw Custom Woodwork
Custom Real Wood Bathroom Cabinets Gainesville Florida Straw Custom Woodwork

Macassar Ebony Vanity Cabinets

Macassar Ebony is one of the most stunning woods we have ever used. It blows our minds every time.

Macassar ebony Ponte Vedra modern design
Macassar Ebony Custom vanity
Madagascar Ebony custom vanity

Figured Mozambique Modern Vanity

There is nothing more fulfilling than helping a client upgrade their lifestyle with modern design. The original bathroom in this home probably cost a good amount of money, and a good amount of money was wasted due to poor design, poor craftsmanship, and poor forethought.
There is purpose, appreciation and reward in the work we do, this job is a nice visual representation of that.


Reclaimed Cypress Modern Vanity

Designed by Architect Claude Armstrong, and with license to implement our liberties to instill a little Art Deco into the details, this is what happens.


Salvaged Cypress Contemporary Vanity

A perfect example of some of the most special wood we work with, old growth river recovered cypress. An amazing wood of it’s own right but once you consider its history it becomes awesome. From the florida river banks as part of the natural ecosystem for millions of years to be decimated by slave controlling white men. Our ecosystem ravaged by greed, a few sunk and were held captive by the water of Florida to be unearthed in times of drought, eventually finding there way to yours truly to be cherished and treated as a privilege..


Custom Made Hand Crafted Furniture

For the luxury spa feel the Figured Silver Anigre was the perfect choice for Amanda Carreon of Jerome H. Davis Interiors. Custom made veneered crown moldings and frame and panel doors are not our usual style, the challenge was fun  and the result fantastic.

Luxury custom modern designer cabinets
Luxury bathroom vanity modern transitional cabinets
modern transitional custom luxury cabinets

Kyoto Veneer Vanity

A designer veneer named Kyoto is actually a treated sycamore that turns it a bright grey or silver. Very pretty and super contemporary.


Marbled Padauk Custom Vanity

Mitered corners, matching grain, Marbled Padauk wall hanging vanity destined for a showroom to display a contemporary concrete bathroom sink.


Ebony Bathroom Cabinets

Our shop is a showroom, a representation of our aesthetic, including the restroom. which is an example of the work we do and believe in. Macassar Ebony backlit mirror frame, towel cabinet and paneling go well with the large format white tile and roll in shower.
I ask for folks to consider aging in place and accessibility when they do bathroom renovations. I am also a proponent of Schluter’s waterproofing and roll in shower systems. Accessibility and modern design go hand in hand, less is more, simple is better.


Eucalyptus Modern Vanity

I like it when I have clients with new requests, I hope to think of this on my own next time.


Greyed Oak Vanity

Greyed oak Vanity, Custom mirror frame, beveled back lit mirror and a concrete line drain sink from my friend’s at Beton’ Studios in St. Pete. Thank you Designer Amanda Carreon…

Concrete Sink & Grey Wood Cabinets - Gainesville Florida Straw Custom Woodwork
Concrete Sink & Grey Wood Cabinets - Gainesville Florida Straw Custom Woodwork
Concrete Sink & Grey Wood Cabinets - Gainesville Florida Straw Custom Woodwork

Red and High Gloss White Contemporary Vanity

Red dyed veneer with high gloss white edges and side panels. Floating vanity and custom concrete sink. Push to eject drawer slides


River Salvaged Cypress Vanity

This bathroom happens to be in my own home. The color of the cypress comes from it being buried under water for over 100 years waiting to be unearthed, stained by the minerals found in the Florida rivers. The concrete sink was custom made by Beton Studios in St. Pete.. We design, build and install custom bathroom vanities throughout Florida.


Figured Ash Contemporary Cabinets

My specialty veneer distributor suggested I take a look at this short supply ash veneer. I did not pass up the opportunity to purchase the entire flitch and the first client I showed it to did not pass up the opportunity to have some of it in his home.


River Recovered Cypress Vanity

We have an unbelievable collection of old growth river salvaged Cypress. This vanity is an example of how we saw solid boards into thick veneer. This allows us to compose our graphics and extend such a great material.


Tineo Custom Vanity

It’s nice to hear from our past clients, especially when they are interested in remodeling a bathroom. A look through our veneer catalog brought them to a wonderful South American wood, Tineo. Four doors, three drawers, no pulls., One custom bathroom cabinet


Curly Figured Maple Vanity

We took care of this complete bathroom remodel from tear out, to Schluter waterproofing, to making this very fine Curly Figured Maple vanity. Not only do we make fine furniture and custom cabinets but I am also a Licensed Florida Builder #CBC1253443.