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After years of specializing in historic home remodeling, I found myself becoming interested in more sensitive work. In my pursuits, I was able to apprentice with an art deco furniture designer and builder, Jeff Newell, in Denver, CO. Then, I was accepted into the Fine Woodworking program at the College of the Redwoods, the school James Krenov founded. I spent two very intense years in school, including multiple workshops, shows, competitions, and a summer working with Brian Newell (no relation with Jeff). Now, I am back in Florida, working with the sensitive eyes and hands of a furniture maker… Jason Straw

Commissioning Custom Woodwork

Interested in commissioning a single piece of furniture or an entire kitchen remodel? The first step is to give me a call & make an appointment to come by the shop & see my work in person. I always have something to show & talk about. At this initial appointment, you will see many styles, samples of wood species & finishes. If you give me a rough drawing of your kitchen, I can give you an estimate & possible timeline.

The next step is to hire me for the design work. I charge a design fee of $250. I will come to your home, take measurements & bounce ideas around with you. I will also present you with a 3D drawing or sketch of the more sculptural pieces. I’ll make changes to the drawing as needed. During the design process, I will make finished samples of the wood species you’re considering. Included in the design fee is a specific proposal outlining the details in your kitchen and an exact cost for the cabinetry. Due to every job site being different, I charge a by-the-man-hour rate for the delivery & install.

If this seems like an agreeable arrangement, please call or email me and set up a time for us to meet. Thank You, -jason

The Finest Wood

We use a variety of beautiful woods. From River Recovered Cypress to Black Limba. We work with many different species of solid wood and we have access to hundreds of varieties of veneer.

Looking to work with a specific type of wood?
Let us know! We also offer samples to all of our clients.

Solid Wood Vs Veneer

There are two main styles of furniture construction: solid wood & veneer. Of course, solid wood means one piece of solid wood. Its aesthetic is comforting; knowing that your furniture is solid wood is a source of pride. Solid wood also behaves as you would expect it to behave in that it moves according to changes in the air’s humidity. In Florida, a solid wood dining room table top could easily move 3/8” from summer to winter. This means that a solid wood piece should be designed properly so that the table will not literally work itself apart over the years. There are other ways to work around wood movement; the main technique that I prefer to use is veneer.
Many people today rightfully cringe when they hear the word veneer in reference to furniture. The tradition of veneering was hijacked to make cheap furniture that anyone could afford to throw away.
I like to introduce my clients & students to the European tradition (veneering dates back to the Egyptians) of sawing veneer from a plank of wood. Using this technique, veneer can be cut to an appropriate thickness of approximately 1/16th of an inch so that it works like real wood, has the color of other related solid wood such as legs & stretchers, & can be repaired & refinished many times. Sawn veneer at this thickness is not able to overpower the adhesive, so by cross bonding (how plywood is made) we can arrest its movement and allow for great exploration in design, whether by marquetry or parquetry. In the website’s gallery, you will see many of my custom furniture pieces where the grain is going in every which way; that is veneer at work. Besides liberating the design, working with veneer also allows a one-of-a-kind solid wood plank of sometimes extreme value to be stretched up to 6 times per inch of its surface area.

Cabinet Construction

Cabinets are constructed using Columbia Forest Products PureBond® plywood and substrates. This product line is made in the USA with no added formaldehyde. The glue is soy based and the poplar core is Forest Stewardship Councils (FSC) certified. We are a certified member of the Columbia Forrest Products fabricator network. Cabinet boxes and shelves are made with 0 VOC epoxy acrylate pre-finished maple plywood and all edges are covered with maple veneer banding. We make the cabinet boxes in the shop to whatever dimension is necessary; we have no standard box sizes. The drawers are made using solid maple with dovetail joinery. We use Made in North Carolina Blum brand undermount soft close slides.

Modern Kitchen Design

We do a remarkable job using decorative veneer. I would be happy to show you over one hundred samples of different species of wood and grain figures that are available. Our veneer work is furniture quality and we compose our work using the graphics of the wood.
Frame and panel doors and drawer fronts can be made with any species of wood available. I have a wonderful stock of solid wood: Black Walnut, River Recovered cypress and Long Leaf heart pine. Our traditional Shaker style doors are constructed with straight grain quarter sawn frames and flat sawn panels. Our solid wood work is a composition rarely seen even in magazines.

Really Custom Woodwork!

People who are buying cabinets through a store are paying a premium mark-up to middle men & what these people get are factory, mass-produced cabinets. Calling these cabinets “semi-custom” is like calling a car you bought from a car lot “semi-custom” because you picked the color & stereo package. As a custom maker, the term “semi-custom” is a common marketing strategy that I find offensive & disingenuous.

Buying custom crafted cabinets directly from the maker can be less expensive or just as competitively priced as buying from the cabinet store. More importantly, semi-custom cabinets can not compete in any way other than price with custom-made cabinets. The workmanship, the details & the service are barely existent in store bought cabinets. If there is an error in the ordering or design, last minute site changes or a damaged part, you can the expect weeks to go by before the problem will be remedied.

Design, Build, Deliver, Install

 When you hire a custom maker, you are actually hiring a team of people who are responsible for the process from the beginning to the end. We design, build, deliver & install the highest quality, one-of-a-kind, custom cabinetry & fine furniture.

We commonly see that semi-custom cabinets cost more than we would have charged for custom-made cabinets; the semi-custom cabinets that clients receive are over-priced, boring, uncreative, cookie cutter & generic. If you are shopping for Kitchen Cabinets in Florida, reach out & inquire; the results may surprise you.

100% Solar Powered Eco Friendly Showroom & Shop

Our commitment to the environment
As we build your customized furniture, kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities and more… A lot of thought goes into the responsibility of resources in which we use. From every piece of wood we acquire, to our vehicles, to the energy we use to power our equipment. We want you to know that purchasing with Straw & Co Woodwork Gainesville Florida, means responsibility to the earth as well as future generations.

100% Solar Powered Renewable Clean Energy
Our shop is located in sunny  Gainesville Florida and is powered by a 20 kWh solar array. The fine woodwork made by Straw & Co are from clean, green, responsible & renewable energy. You can  view the shops energy creation output and usage here.

Our work is built to last!
Finely crafted means the finest quality craftsmanship. The kind that takes years of studying & apprenticing to achieve. We are here to help you achieve the detailed results you’ve always dreamed of. Please feel free to Contact Us or give us a call at (352) 371-3571 for more information.