Company I Keep

straw and co dec 2019

I changed the name from Straw Woodwork to Straw and Company Fine Woodwork 2019. Changing the name is a way for me to be honest to the public and to the folks that work with me. Even though my name is attached to the business, the work, the service, the design, just about everything relies on more people than just me. Neil and I have been together for over 17 years, Patrick over 7 years Oscar is approaching 3 years. Since then we have hired Jordan, Ben, Isha and Caleb. Most recently Howard and Shane brings us up to a 10 person crew. The relationships and the skills that we build take time and intention, this is not an easy job and we do not do easy work. The folks show up and put in their all because they are respected, supported and they find the work to be fulfilling. As a rule, I make an effort to surround myself with good people, in life and in work. You may judge me by the company I keep.