Porcelain Front Cabinetry

Dekton by Cosentino Custom Porcelain Front Kitchen and Bathroom Vanity Cabinets

Custom Hand Crafted Kitchen Cabinets by Straw & Co. Gainesville Florida

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Porcelain and Walnut Cabinetry

I would confidently say that this is the most amazing bathroom I have ever seen yet stepped foot in. Floor to ceiling porcelain, mitered edges and matched … read more

custom walnut and porcelain cabinets
porcelain shower
custom porcelain front cabinets

Porcelain Front Cabinetry by Dekton Cosenteno Porcelain.

There are over 42 colors available in the Dekton product line with sheens and textures ranging from polished, smooth matte and textured matte. We are able to adhere the 4 mm thick porcelain to a variety of panels using approved adhesives and tested techniques.

dekton Laurent cabinet faces
Dekton Opera Designer kitchen example
dekton Orix sample image custom cabinets

Inspiration photos from other designers and fabricators

As our portfolio grows and is photographed we will add pages to our site. For now please see the following portfolio of a few inspiration photos of porcelain front cabinetry in the  contemporary modern style that we can achieve by working with porcelain.

dekton custom kitchen inspriation image
dekton cabinet face example
dekton and walnut kitchen inspiration image