Dark Walnut Modern Kitchen

Dark Walnut Modern Kitchen Cabinets

Custom Kitchen Cabinets by Straw & Co. Gainesville Florida

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This another collaboration with Amanda Carreon of Jerome H. Davis Interiors and Atlantic Design Homes. First we worked together with Amanda in designing the kitchen, living room display and the master bath cabinets. Once the client’s were on board we coordinated the many details with Atlantic design to make sure all prep work was accurate including the electrical, framing plumbing and lighting. Jobs of this scale take a lot of planing and coordination, i.e., communication and teamwork. Jobs of this quality take a lot of people that really care about the outcome of their work and treat workmanship as it should be, art.

Walnut burl, crotch wood, and leather panels. All sequenced and grain matched. All of our moldings are made in house out of premium qtr. sawn material. It’s an entire composition. #strawwoodwork #leatherwall #walnutwalls #interiordesigner #interiordesign thanks @sarah.cain.design

Mike, my good friend and former rep @subzeroandwolf gave me a tour of the subzero showroom and several of the “high end” cabinet design studios. I am posting images of the @wynwoodwallsofficial cause these murals are way more awesome than what i saw in those factory showrooms. #strawwoodwork

Delivered and installed in Tampa, 48 hrs in 4 days. Couldn’t and wouldn’t do it without the Company of people who have surrounded me. #interiordesign #floridainteriordesign #tampainteriordesign #babyjojo

Reeded solid white oak from the mind of @amanda7055 Built and installed #strawwoodwork #reededwhiteoak #interiordesign #interiordesigner

Rift white oak vanity. Grain matched and sequenced. We do all our own veneer work, in-house. There are very few shops that press their own veneer. Thanks @amanda7055 for your impeccable design work, again! #strawwoodwork #riftwhiteoak #interiordesign