Maple Flatpanel Custom Kitchen Cabinets

Maple Flat Panel Custom Kitchen Cabinets

Custom Kitchen Cabinets by Straw & Co. Gainesville Florida

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Our Maple flat panel cabinetry is a great way to have the contemporary look, achieve excellent durability and quality, and we do it affordably. The boxes, drawers and hardware are the same as we use on all of our custom builds but what cuts costs is the facade. We use an epoxy acrylic pre-finished domestic maple plywood that we edge with with solid maple. The finishing and veneering is eliminated saving us a lot of time and you, a handsome amount of money. This page contains a couple of different maple kitchens in the same style.

We are also certified Richlite counter top fabricators and installers. Richlite counters can be purchased in different thicknesses, from 1/2″ up to 1″. The 1/2″ counter tops cost 1/2 the amount as the 1″. This is a great opportunity to have a contemporary look and save a good amount of money.