Dimensional Cypress Wall Panel

Dimensional Cypress Wall Panel

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The old growth cypress with this black and grey color is a rare find. I can sort through a hundreds of boards before I find one. But when I do, it makes me happy, so happy.
Price: $1,200-$1,500
We use old growth river-recovered heart cypress in our dimensional wall panels. The wood is salvaged from the rivers and swamps of Florida. The trees mighthave come down naturally hundreds to thousands of years ago, or they could have been felled by men clear-cutting the ancient lands of Florida for profit. This ancient wood’s history is amazing; they can be thousands of years old, and up to 6′ in diameter. Each board we have collected inspires us.

Our tile-making process utilizes the Japanese tradition that I learned during my tour of Japan. The Japanese temples are not coated with any finish, they are not sanded, they are offered no protection, and yet last thousands of years. How is this? They are planed and sliced with the edge of a blade. A hand-planed finish, when done with skill and attention, leave a shiny, lustrous surface that needs no additional treatment.  The old growth cypress also has the advantage of being saturated with it’s natural oil, cypresene.

Each little piece is cut with a band saw at a compound angle. The faces are then sliced using the sharp edge of a hand plane. The pieces are inspected and subsequently trashed if they did not plane to a fine burnish, or if cracks were exposed.

By contrast, sandpaper scours the wood to what we feel as smooth, but when viewed under a microscope, the wood is a furry, torn up mess that adds surface area and voids in which moisture and dirt can hide.

All dimensional panels can be custom made for any application: Headboards, Mirror Frames, Architectural Wall Paneling, Entry Doors. Because old growth cypress has such a range of color, we can sort through our collection of wood and find just the right piece for your project.

The price range for mirror frames and headboards is $1,100-$1,500. Dimensional wall panels cost $60-$100 per sq. ft.