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Currently, I am only teaching one weekend a month and the class is occupied by two students working on long term projects. This is subject to change on a whim. To be notified when there is an opening or when I decide to carve out more time, please send an email via the contact page. You will NOT get a bunch of garbage email from me.

I have written a blog post of suggested reading for woodworkers.

When I am making time to teach I’m able to teach group and one on one woodworking classes in my shop in Gainesville Florida, from the absolute beginner to someone wanting to learn a particular joinery skill. Following is a list of the classes that are taught in my shop. I can customize a woodworking class to your specific needs and interests. The charge for a private class or semi private class is $50 per hour, this rate can be split by up to two people. If you do not have a shop buddy to share the expense but can’t swing the fee by yourself, don’t worry. I can send out an email to the list and see if there is someone else interested and I can match you up.

I would rather teach during the week but if you are not able to take off during the week I am also available weekends. The classes are not typically scheduled and then filled, I find the student/s and then make the class.

If you have questions please email or call me: (352) 371-3571

Student Reviews

Dale Block MD- Jan 28, 2012
Ellen and I spent 3 great Saturdays learning how to safely use hand and power woodworking tools. Jason is a phenomenal teacher and resource of woodworking skills and adjusted to us and what we wanted to learn. We developed and finished our project that allowed us to use many tools and skills in his shop. I would strongly recommend Jason to anyone with any skill level who wants to develop woodworking skills.

I love woodworking and was lucky enough to take a few classes with Jason. He’s a great guy with a lot of passion for what he does, not just in woodworking, but in all things he does. It was awesome to be able to work with someone who has the skills, talent, and resources to help me create beautiful things that I can be proud of. I moved away so unfortunately I can no longer take classes with him. If you have the opportunity though to do so yourself I would highly recommend it.

Class Descriptions

Build Your Own Custom Kitchen Cabinets
Kitchen cabinets are boxes with doors. They can be fancy or they can be plain but regardless if you learn some basics you can build a better cabinet than Home Depot or Ikea.In a day we can build a cabinet or two and go over most of what you will need to know to design, build and install basic cabinets yourself.
How cool is that?
$300 6hr class can be split with two people
I can provide materials for additional cost.

Shaker Table
TRADITIONAL DESIGN AND JOINERY WITH POWER TOOLS — We will explore the Shaker, Arts and Crafts furniture aesthetic from the point of view of the tapered leg end table. Constructed out of our locally salvaged Oak,woodworking students will learn this traditional designed table using modern day power tools. Students will also be exposed to hand planing, edge jointing and mortise and tenon joinery. Everyone walks away with their very own Shaker end table.

Sawn Veneer
TECHNIQUE AND APPLICATION — Students will learn how to tune and set up a bandsaw to cut sawn veneer. The applications and technique will be demonstrated a veneering exercise which will encompass book-matching, slip-matching, captured and applied solid wood edge banding. Parquetry and marquetry techniques can also be demonstrated in this class. Veneer work is the best way to extend our precious material while being liberated by the usual movement constraints of wood.

Machinery and Hand Tools Fundamentals
Learn to build Krenovian saw horses
This is my most popular class for woodworking beginners. We are able to go over an enormous amount of material in three days as you build your very own set of Krenovian saw horses. These very light weight and elegant horses can be mistaken for fine furniture. You will learn how to use a jointer, planer, chop saw, bandsaw, hand planes, spokeshaves, chisels, edge sharpening, glues, wood properties, loose tenon joinery, through wedged tenon joinery, mortises, notch lap joints, how to make tenons, and a whole lot more. If you are just starting out or find yourself wanting more formal training than a magazine offers, this class could help you tremendously. The class takes 15 to 18 hours depending on class size and how in depth and nerdy you want to go. The woodworking class is broken up over 3 days. I am sometimes asked if I ever have women in my classes, and the answer is, “So far I’ve always had a woman in the classes I’ve taught.” I prefer the class size to be under three students.
Please email me.

Hand Tool Fundamentals
This can be either a 2 day weekend course or a 5 day week long course.

In the 2 day course we will explore sharpening edge tools and the use and tuning of the hand plane. Smoothing, edge jointing and the use and construction of the shooting board for end grain and miters will be covered as well. The five day course will go over all of the same things as the two day course and will also include more extensive edge tuning for difficult to plane figured grain along with the tuning of the elusive card scraper. Students will also practice a variety of exercises and hand tool techniques that I was able to master during my time at the College of the Redwoods. These exercises include, smoothing, squaring and edge jointing the, “Perfect Board”, the last day will be how to hand cut dovetails. 5 days for this course will also give us a little more time to explore your specific interests in the craft. Feel free to Contact me with your questions about the class and please let me know what dates are best for you.