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Custom Kitchen Cabinets

Custom Kitchen Cabinets by Straw & Co. Gainesville Florida

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Modern Tamo Kitchen Cabinets

Tamo wood cabinets, Richlite counter tops, thoughtfully designed, meticulously installed. Real quality, real custom, and really nice..


East Indian Rosewood Contemporary Custom Cabinets

During the peak Mid-Century period the most popular woods were, Walnut, Teak and Rosewood. We decided on East Indian Rosewood for this custom media room. The cabinets under the TV are custom made to hold a collection of vintage 10″ records


Tamo Custom Kitchen Cabinets

Tamo, also known as Japanese Ash was the obvious choice for our client. We found slices of this veneer over 24″ wide, so we bought all of it. We have more of their wood left so this kitchen can be yours! Please enquire.


Modern Wenge Custom Kitchen Cabinets

A 16′ long island wrapped in Wenge, glass display cabinets, a coffee bar, a custom wenge door for entry into the pantry and painted cabinets sourrounding Thermador appliances, hey, why not?


Black Cypress Custom Outdoor Kitchen

Black Cypress is the most rare of the river recovered cypress. It is only found on the outside edge of some logs. The minerals from the mud it sat in for a hundred years is what gives it it’s color and what probably dulls the knives of our machines.


Fumed Curly Eucalyptus Modern Custom Kitchen Cabinets

I first began restoring historic cracker and shot-gun houses similar to the style found in New Orleans in the late 90’s. We would salvage little bits of detail and often replicate it in often weird and creative ways to tie the new renovation back together with the old. This remodel is a fun reminder that in a mid century home you can look around and maybe you’ll find a gold chandelier that at first, seems like it should go the way of burgundy shag carpet, but in fact, it’s an oppurtunity to bring the old into the contemporary. My cleint certainly has a keen eye and great taste and it was a pleasure to work with her vision.


Glass Door and Bead Board Custom Kitchen Cabinets

This kitchen is in Gainesville’s Duck Pond Historic District. The neighborhood was all but forgotten in the 1980’s, but since the charm of these old houses doesn’t die easily people have caught on and their value recognized and the restorations are ongoing. Our client’s home in particular needed a major make over and they were committed to maintaining the homes vintage appeal. Good job Claire.


Teak Custom Kitchen Cabinets

As soon as our clients saw our sample of the straight grain quarter sawn Teak the decision was pretty easy. They have a mid century furniture aesthetic and good taste = a no brainer.