Ok, Somethings are more important than wood. Story: we have a store that sells screws in #gainesville called Fl Fasteners. It’s a dreary place, i have been going for 20 years. They have every screw and fastener you would ever need and its cheaper than an online outfit. You walk into a sea of green outdoor carpet so worn you can see the concrete. There is usually no one there so you walk up to the counter littered with misc screws. You meet a man that never seems happy to be there, you tell him what you want and then he winds through a litany of specs to finally ask, “how many?”. The reply is usually like,”5” and then he gets up, goes through some doors, comes back, rings you up and says $1.80.. All with a pretty heavy frown. So.. When we send new guys there we give them an elaborate story about the guy that makes the situation a little bizarre.. …that the grumper likes selfies,etc.. New guys usually come back a little traumatized.. Aaron Watkins (he) pulled it off… And the there is oliver with hiccups. #strawwoodwork

February 6, 2020